About us

Founded 1991
Employees 180

Head office
SHOWROOM Kacanica 4, Belgrade Serbia
SHOWROOM Slavonska avenija 52i, Zagreb Croatia

On-line shop: www.carvelonline.com

Retail and Wholesale Network
Distribution Network – 1500 stores in Balkan Region
Regiona Agents – 4 Representatives
Own Stores – 15 stores under name Carvel Selected Brand Store

Geographical Markets Covered
Serbia, Bosnia & Hertzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Albania, Malta, Czech Republic and India for Asia market.

Exclusive Distributor: 

Ipanema, Rider, Zaxy, Grendha, Diadora, Diadora Heritage, British Knights, Calvin Klein FTW, Bjorn Borg, Tamaris, Gri Sport, West Coast, Cravo Canela, Olang, Paez, Koalabi, Xti, Geox, St.Oliver, Bull Boxer, Asylum

Rationale Based on the our experience in the sport industry, we feel confident that the aforementioned approach will ensure our continued growth.
Additionaly, the throught knowledge that the management team has of the products combined with the marketing infrastructure already in place, guaranees continued success.

Products and Servises Import, marketing and distribution of footwear, sportswear and casual wear.

Business Philosophy One of the significant reasons for the Carvel’s success is management’s dedication to stay on top of the marketing and technological enviroment, quality service for today and the future l be guaranteed.

Advantages Carvel is well positioned to offer it’s retailers what they need most. With an efficient logistics infrastructure it guaratees next-day deliveries, a wide selection of brands and products, and helps retailers move the products off the shelfs by aggressive merchandising as well as national mass media advertising and brand building ( TV, Magazines, sponsorships…)

The primary objective of our organization is to be the definitive sourse for quality global brand name products in our markets. The Company’s directions within existing markets are market expasion and profit maximization through an increase in sales volume.Season Balancing With a portfolio of seasonal brands and product lines it is crucial to profitability that the seasons are balanced. By choosing a
seasonally balanced portfolio of brands Carvel is making sure that the best sales results may be achieved with the latest infrastructure.Economy of Scale By combining an elite portfolio of brands we are able to afford a strong and knowledgeable sales and marketing team and taking
andvatage of economies of scale are able to work with lower margins and still achieve acceptable profitability.Media Relations Our exellent relatonship with the media allows us to achieve nationwide coverage and advertising efficiences with most of our projects.Our brand-building know-how has been proven numerous times and our market penetration with all of our brands is one of the highiest per capita compared to other distributor markets.

Organization arvel is organised in separate functional sales divisions. Each one has a dedicated sales team which focuses on it’s own line of products. A common marketing team takes care of media relationships for all sales divisions and makes sure that each brand receives the marketing support it needs.

Market Status Most major global companies sell their products in Serbia, Bosnia and Hetzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Albania through
distributors. The market is small, but very demanding ; retailers demand overnight delivery, local support…

The retail enviroment is going through consolidant phase, whereby everyone is reducing costs by taking advantage of economies of scale (i.e.purchasing as much as possible from the least number of supliers, distributors…)

The population of Balkan Region is 25,000,000 with a GDP per capita close to EURO 4,000.