Bjorn Borg

Björn Borg is a Swedish company that owns and develops the Björn Borg brand. The brand is founded on the legacy of tennis player Björn Borg and his amazing career. He ruled the world of tennis during the 70’s and at the height of his career Björn Borg was, and still is, regarded as one of the most influential style icons of his time.

The legacy of his success during his career as a tennis player and his superstar status around the world still provide the brand with a strong platform for international expansion. Björn Borg was part of starting the company Björn Borg, but is today only involved as an advisor. He carefully follows the work in the brand and is occasionally participating at launches and events. Björn Borg’s style during his early tennis career is a source of inspiration to the collections.

Even though the product focus is on fashion underwear, Björn Borg currently has operations in five product areas: clothing, footwear, bags, eyewear and fragrances.
Björn Borg is currently represented in nearly 20Markets, the largest of which are the Netherlands and Sweden. Björn Borg products are sold through over 6.000 retailers, including 46 Björn Borg stores.

In 2010, Björn Borg has licensed out the product development and portions of sales in the footwear product area to Trend Design Group, a well-established production company and wholesaler of Men’s and Woman’s Footwear with distribution in large parts of Europe as well as North America and Australia.

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