British Knights

British Knights is here to stay!

We’ve been around a long time now, our history goes back to the early 80s; British Knights was launched by a New York based sports footwear wholesaler as a fashionable alternative to the major ‘performance’ sportswear brands.

In the 1980s British Knights footwear clearly distinguished itself by having a very own and specific character based on extreme sports and having that specific British Knights urban look influenced by its surroundings. British Knights was positioned as an inner-city and music driven brand, appealing to the predominantly streetwise young male
After a century British Knights still dominate the streets. The brand initials ‘BK’ are a frequently used item in the media. We make lifestyle not for the money but for the love of streetwear, to be creative in our own way, to be rebellious, provocative, powerful ‘cause back in the days this was the essence of street and still is!!

Staying true to our believes, we follow our own way, going places like never before because we are curious about the world and we make the world curious about us. It pushes us forwards, there’s no caution, no limit; who knows where we will be next year or the decade after. British Knights is right here and we are here to stay.

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