Rider Sandals have long been a familiar sight on the feet of trend setters. But the Brazilian casual footwear brand is more than a trendy accessory; it’s a lifestyle. Combining design and comfort, Rider Sandals offer the qualities that are most appreciated by those who value authenticity, and are confident that they are ready for whatever comes next. It’s the perfect footwear for a world that prizes versatility, with products that conform to the needs of different people and situations.

Rider Sandals provide a unique level of comfort through the softness of their materials, cozy foot beds, and even the ergonomic curvature of their straps. The sensation of freedom comes through with every step. At the same time, new elements—including pixilated designs, street art, dual-color straps, 3D outsoles, and color blocking—give Rider footwear its stylistic connection to youth culture and their authentic, uninhibited lifestyles.

In keeping with today’s global trends, Rider’s manufacturing process reflects the company’s deep commitment to environmental sustainability. That’s why every pair of Rider Sandals is 100% recyclable. Created for those who enjoy naturally carefree, unpretentious lives with a sense of style, Rider Sandals are manufactured by Grendene S.A., Brazil’s largest footwear manufacturer. With an annual production capacity of 200 million pairs of footwear, its products are sold in over 90 countries around the world.

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